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Our services improve and become the best they can be through regular feedback and involvement. Anyone can get involved as much or as little as they’d like, but any involvement can make a big difference. We welcome your ideas and feedback no matter what skills or training you have. If it matters to you, it matters to us.

On top of everyday feedback and collaborative working for support, here are a few ways you could get involved as someone who receives our support:

Estate inspections

Estate Inspections would involve you inspecting our services to check if we’re delivering them to the standards you’d expect. You would provide feedback on the services physical appearance such as if the gardens are well-kept and tidy, if there are any uneven footpaths and if communal spaces are clean and tidy. By getting involved in estate inspections, you’ll help improve services and develop new skills. We’ll reimburse your travel expenses too. 

Policy Reviews

It’s important that our policies are easy to understand and help us to deliver quality services. By reviewing our updated policies and procedures before they’re published you can help us to ensure they have a positive impact on how we run our services. Getting involved in policy reviews can be flexible and depend on whether it’s a policy that interests you or is relevant to your services. We’ll provide you with some training on what to do, but a policy review normally involves no more that a few hours of your time and will take place either at your service or one nearby. Refreshments will be provided on the day. 

To get involved, all you’d need to do is speak to a member of staff who will contact the Policy Review Lead.

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