We work with the UK's public and private sector organisations to ensure excellence in the delivery of semi-independent living.
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Through supported living, we can support young people aged 16+ to develop fulfilling lives in their local communities.

Our support is person-centred, enabling each young person to grow and develop their skills and independence, ready for adulthood.

In particular, we can support young people who have behaviours that challenge or other complex needs.

Supported living provides better outcomes for young people and maintains their relationships with family and friends.

Benefits of supported living for young people

Supported living allows young people to remain in or return to their own communities, close to family and friends, and able to continue using local facilities and services.

It allows young people to become more confident and independent, leading to greater self-esteem.

Supported living also helps young people meet a full range of other outcomes, including a more active social life, improved daily living skills, and access to education and employment.

Support model

We involve the young person and those who know them well in the design and delivery of their support, and place each young person at the centre of decision-making.

Robust support plans are outcome-focused so that people progress to meet their short, medium and longer term goals. Young people benefit from a Key Worker who regularly reviews their support.

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